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A blog for true philosophers by Coleman Gariety, the world's most erudite scholar of Hegelian thought.

The purpose of this blog is to throw the light of being directly onto what (scandalously) goes by the name of ‘politics’ today. All that is one-sided will be exposed as two-sided; all that is shrouded in mystery will be held to the light without disenchantment; all that is narcissistic will be transformed into true love.

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Recommended Reading

Standard editions of classic texts. It's debatable how canonical Žižek will ever be. Desmond is heinously underappreciated. Deconstruction and psychoanalysis are the two splinters of the historical ontology that the last century has deposited us.

The philosophical revolution of the twentieth century is first and foremost a revolution of what is considered philosophically salient. The concept of repression opens up the possibility of the eccentric center; for the first time, it becomes necessary to mine the history of philosophy for "marginal" ideas the way the psychoanalyst excavates the history of the analysand's desire.

Logic is more important than ever today. Reading is a thoroughly dialectical process and even Derrida employs a kind of dialectical logic.

Ideology is metaphysics.


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