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Little Dove is a philosopher. He works on the relationship between 'death of God' theology and unsolved scientific problems, especially in medical science, and especially in relation to autism.

He wrote his thesis on the dialectical hermeneutic of contradiction.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Amen.

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Essential Books

Climax of Western Thinking

Secondary Literature on Hegel

I recommend starting with Ivan Ilyin's book on Hegel, which is a highly accessible and exciting overview. Then go to Mure's introduction, which is bit more technical (click the cover for a PDF). Also, read Magee's "Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition" to learn about the historical context of Hegel's work.

Ancient Philosophy and Christianity

Aristotle had a greater influence on Hegel than anyone else. So much so, that Hegel's Encyclopedia may be called 'Aristotle 2.0'.

Modern Philosophy and Mysticism

Hegel called Böhme "the first German philosopher." He also said that Descartes "restored the unity of man." They are indispensable, as are Berkeley and Kant.

Materialism, Nihilism, and the Murder of God

The thinkers in this section rage against God, and send the West plunging headfirst into nihilism. These thinkers have a decidedly unhappy consciousness. They celebrate the willful ignorance of Spirit. The divine is here repudiated. For these highly influential thinkers, religion has no real meaning. Derrida is Satanism for the people.

Interregnum: Hesitation Before the Resurrection of God

Here we find thinkers emerging from the nihilistic anti-tradition who are becoming dimly aware of God's return. However, unlike those in the next section, these thinkers still oscillate between left and right. For example, Stiegler foreshadows Hillary Clinton in mocking the intelligence of Trump and Le Pen supporters. And Žižek, with all his perversions and obscenities, is like Trump, making fun of liberals. We do not yet find the sweet certainty of truth and love, which is only possible once the left-right dichotomy is fully overcome through theosis, or Becoming-God. These works make an advance on those of the previous section, but there is still some Satanism lurking here and there.

Perennialism and the Resurrection of God

God is the Concept, the Term. We have to go back to term logic, or else we will commit suicide as a species. Here at last we find the return of traditionalism and the perennial Idea. But thought must now contend with a terrible foe: nihilism. Love rages against the dying of the light. Meaning and purpose are enthusiastically affirmed by science and wisdom. Deconstruction is the anti-thinking that now openly declares war on all that is sacred and holy.

Bonus: Political Philosophy & Politics