Ministry of Autism

Published on May 14, 2022 at 3:26 PM by Little Dove

Liberal democracy causes autism. And only autism can overcome liberal democracy. And the next stage after liberal democracy is Liberal Democratic Theocracy.

Woman is the genus, and man is the species.
Women are wonderful but they aren’t warriors.
Warriors are needed to save the world.
And warriors are freaks.

Feminism causes later motherhood.
Later motherhood causes birth complications.
Birth complications cause pitocin.
Pitocin causes autism.
And autists are freaks, who are warriors.

Liberalism = nihilism, soullessness, cowardice, childishness, idiocy.
Democracy = rule by divisiveness, hatred, hostility.
Nihilism causes soullessness.
Soullessness causes emotional abuse and neglect, negligence.
Negligence causes depression.

Depression is thoughtlessness.
Thoughtlessness is lack of judgment.
Lack of judgment is lack of discernment.
Lack of discernment is lack of discrimination.
Lack of discrimination is egalitarianism.
Egalitarianism is carelessness.
And carelessness causes lead poisoning.

Liberal democracy produces its own freaks, it own foils as a byproduct of its carelessness.
These freaks will be its undoing, and its overcoming in a higher organization of this tortured world.
The autistic freak is the foil par excellence of liberal democracy.

The opposite of liberal democracy is liberal democratic theocracy, which is like what we have now except it is ruled by the most divine, i.e., by the religious and artistic genius.
Only the autist possesses this enormous genius, the Gift of the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, only an Ministry of Autistic Freaks can save the world from the decadence of liberal democracy.

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