Healing Backwards Judgment

Published on April 24, 2022 at 11:26 PM by Little Dove

When someone is wrong about something, we say that their judgment is backwards. But the judgment is the exposition of the Concept, i.e. it’s the Concept that posits its predicates. For example, when we say that ‘man is the rational animal’, what happens is that the Concept of Man posits itself as its own predicates, via the ‘is’, via Being.

What a backwards judgment is, then, is a judgment in which what rightly belongs on the side of predication is given the position of the prius. For example: ‘The animal is the rational man’ (wrong), ‘Reason is the human animal’ (wrong). These are wrong. These judgments are backwards. What thinking is, true thinking, is getting the judgment the right way around. This requires that the Idea—viz. God, the Supreme Good, and above all the Holy Spirit who alone is the supreme essence of God—is at the supreme root of the tree of concepts.

Healing backwards judgment involves physical health, fasting, prayer, and studying term logic. Mathematical logic, symbolic logic, is insufficient for good, healthy judgment. Why? Because it lacks the Concept, which is the Soul of the Judgment.