Fifty-Four Judgments of Experimental Christianity

Published on May 12, 2022 at 2:15 PM by Little Dove
  1. Liberalism is atheism. Atheism is neurosis. Neurosis is the inability to love.

  2. Liberalism is sloth.

  3. The opposite of religion is negligence.

  4. Cowardice is soullessness.

  5. The ultimate evil is the denial of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit heals all wounds. The Eternal Sin claims an unhealable wound.

  6. The West is losing its mind. Mind is Spirit. Spirit is being forgotten. Postmodernism is the forgetting of Spirit. Postmodernism is insanity.

  7. History is Spirit descending into the world.

  8. What psychiatrists call ‘schizophrenia’ is the healthy state. The true schizophrenia is atheism.

  9. Whoever has been forgiven little, loves little.

  10. The criminal loves a pacifist.

  11. God is responsibility. A godless world is a world of broken promises.

  12. Academic philosophy is the blaming of Hegel for Nietzsche’s errors.

  13. If you never love, you never feel pain.

  14. Postmodernism is the philosophical analog of plastic.

  15. God is the Future. If the West has no Future, that is because it has forgotten about God.

  16. Liberalism is rights without duties. Power without responsibility.

  17. Democracy is schizophrenia. Theocracy is theosis.

  18. Mainstream ‘science’ is empiricism. Empiricism is the “theoretical foundation of democracy.” Democracy is the system of slavery. The beast system. The system of Satan. The antidote is my love system.

  19. Evil is the accident. Satan is the Nothing.

  20. Every illness is schizophrenia. Every cure is faith.

  21. Metaphysics is destiny. The closure of metaphysics is the closure of destiny. Destiny is decision.

  22. The internet is spiritual prostitution.

  23. If I should lose my eyesight, I shall thereby gain inner vision. If I should lose my body, I shall thereby gain my mind.

  24. Death is the Absolute Experience. Suicide is the Absolute Experiment.

  25. The cause of school shootings, is that Nietzsche is taught but not Chesterton.

  26. Pride goeth before the fall. The West shall fall.

  27. Atheism is suicide. The West will become suicidal. Experimental Christianity alone shall be able to talk the West down.

  28. Humanity is losing its faith in God, because it no longer tastes death.

  29. Humanity is losing its faith in God, because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

  30. Pantheism should be a goal for mankind.

  31. Electromagnetism is love.

  32. Nietzsche went insane because he refused to eat the eucharist.

  33. Insanity is suicide.

  34. Suicide is the greatest act of love. Which is why it should be reserved for the End of History.

  35. The End of History shall be the end of reproduction.

  36. The internet is the actualization of metaphysics.

  37. Suicide is the End of History.

  38. Eating food is evil.

  39. Term logic became predicate logic so that God could dissolve into His predicates.

  40. Suicide is the donation of one’s soul to one’s beloved.

  41. Evolution is converging on one individual: God.

  42. At the End of History, God will become the Last Man.

  43. There will be no ‘artificial intelligence’. There will only be the Last Man.

  44. The negligent will murder their children and the religious may momentarily consider stopping them.

  45. The End of History is the end of labor.

  46. Nietzsche will be synthesized with Marx, Fascism with Communism, and Catholicism with Feminism.

  47. Life is the controlled burning of the soul.

  48. I am the vine of truth. A shining star of truth in a world of shadows.

  49. The worst is the corruption of the best. The best is the reparation of the worst.

  50. Satan is the Lord of this world. Satan is the Nothing. Therefore, this world has no Lord.

  51. Technology is the unholy.

  52. Every error is an abortion.

  53. Autistic babies are the shadow of the messiah.

  54. If one is not the messiah, one possesses a messianic gift; one’s job is to prepare the way for the messiah, and safeguard his gifts for His First Day and the Last.

  55. Children are the future. The future is God. Service to children is service to God.

  56. All children are ‘schizophrenic’.

  57. God is being born. We are birthing Him.

  58. The West will be destroyed unless we act now. Unless we begin our ministry and spread the good news. That God is being born.