Life After Death

Published on April 23, 2022 at 8:42 AM by Coleman Gariety

When we die, the higher aspects of our spirit go into the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Universal Spirit, which is Eternal Life. It isn’t abstract or empty. It’s real. It’s concrete. It exists.

The middling aspects of our spirit, our soul, are diffused into other people’s bodies, thereby strengthening their souls. It’s an energy transfer.

The middle-to-lower aspects of our spirit go into plants and animals.

And the lowest aspects of all, the atoms that compose our body, turn into compost. Low vibrational energy.

There’s no hard and fast line between body and spirit. Yet spirit came before the body and it outlives the body. Nothing is created or destroyed. Everything flows, as Heraclitus said. What is more universal is more stable and maintains its intergrity, i.e. it survives the contradiction. Life after death. What is more particular is less stable, less agreeable, and falls apart faster. It doesn’t survive. The whole universe is a purification system, as the alchemists taught us long ago.

We convert lower spiritual energy into higher spiritual energy through ritual, prayer, music, philosophy, and everything insofar as it is true, i.e., insofar as it agrees with the logical Idea.

Humanity is the particularization of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not reducible to its particulars. It has its own existence above and beyond the particulars. It is their truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. Again, nothing is created or destroyed. It’s only particularized and universalized. What is lower is more diffuse and general. What is higher more concentrated and specific.