Life or Death

Published on April 22, 2022 at 6:38 PM by Little Dove

Everyone is afraid of death. No one wants to talk about it. Because it’s so scary. Death is the existing contradiction. To this extent, one is justified in fearing death. But only insofar as one also fears contradiction. But the purpose of life is to resolve the contradiction. This means that the contradiction comes to a comfortable rest, i.e. is at peace. The end of the contradiction is the birth of peace, which is spirit. The dove is the traditional symbol of spirit and of peace. (What my first name means is ‘little dove’.) When the soul dies, it returns to the peace keeper. The peace keeper is the one who resolves the contradiction, and prevents it from generating stress and anxiety, and proliferating in the form of toxins and poisons. It is very fashionable these days to deny the possibility of the reality of the peace keeper. However, one must also then deny the possibility of the resolution of contradictions. And this is manifestly untrue, because mathematics, logic, and medicine would then also be impossible. These are the arts of resolving contradiction. Likewise, what life itself is, is the resolution of contradiction. So in denying the existence of a peace keeper, one is denying the existence of life, which is an obscene contradiction. And that is why it is an eternal sin and death wish to deny the existence of the Holy Spirit.

This is why, as people get older, they become more religious. They experience more death, and begin to realize that it is a contradiction and is inherently wrong, and they begin to seek for more life, because they love it so. But oftentimes it is destroyed by the stupidity of youth, which is like an unformed clay, needing to be shaped by the hard work of logic and rules. This is why young people commit murder and suicide. The solution is for parents to teach their children logic, and for schools to teach children logic, and for everyone to teach everyone else logic for that matter. For logic is the supreme science and giver of all life and health. Apart from it there is only confusion, error, disease, obscenity, and crime. So let’s teach logic in schools for God’s sake.