Sketch of a Love System II: The Concept Is Remembering

Published on May 2, 2022 at 4:49 PM by Coleman Gariety

Old English forgietan “lose the power of recalling to the mind; fail to remember; neglect inadvertently,” from for-, used here probably with privative force, “away, amiss, opposite” + gietan “to grasp” (see get (v.)). To “un-get,” hence “to lose” from the mind. A common Germanic construction (compare Old Saxon fargetan, Old Frisian forjeta, Dutch vergeten, Old High German firgezzan, German vergessen “to forget”).

Forgetting is dying.
Living is remembering.
Remembering is the Concept.
The Concept is grasping together.
Grasping together is binding back.
Binding back is religion.

The opposite of religion is negligence.
Negligence is oblivion.
Oblivion is death.
Death is contradiction.
Contradiction is suicide.
Suicide is hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy is crime.
Crime is wrong.

Life is the Soul.
The Soul is the Concept.
The Concept is remembering.
Remembering is freedom.
Freedom is faith.
Faith is loyalty.
Loyalty is love.
Love is belief.

Substance is Subject.
Subject is Concept.
Concept is Judgment.
Judgment is Syllogism.
Syllogism is knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
Power is responsibility.
Responsibility is duty.
Duty is freedom.
Freedom is reason.
Reason is Logic.
Logic is Law.
The Law is the Word.
The Word is God.
God is the Truth.
Truth is a Secret.
The Secret is the Tree of Life.