Two-Thousand Years of Darkness

Published on April 26, 2022 at 3:22 PM by Little Dove

Christ dies in AD 30. In AD 70, Herod’s Temple is destroyed. 1000 years of peace. Then Satan is loosed. The Church splits in half in AD 1050. Half of 1000 is 500. 500 years after the first split, Martin Luther nails the 95 theses to the door – AD 1517. Now there are three church bodies. 1000 / 3 = 333. 1500 + 333 = 1833. Two years after Hegel dies. This is the beginning of the End of History, the Fin de siècle. The philosophy of the Fin de siècle is postmodernism. What postmodernism is, is a decentering of Time (it’s in the name, it defines itself relative to a former era). What Time is, is Spirit. And what Spirit is, is the Actual Logos, which is God. The Fin de siècle is therefore the decentering of God. And decentering is forgetting. The process of the forgetting of God therefore lasts from 1833 to AD 1999. In AD 2000, the New World Order—the reign of the Anti-Christ—begins. 9/11 is the opening ceremony. Is 2019 the beginning of the 7 year tribulation of the Anti-Christ? Will the Second Coming being in 2026? Will Christ return in 2030?