What if Copernicus Was Wrong?

Published on April 19, 2022 at 1:44 AM by Little Dove
The Ptolemaic Mandala
  1. The only thing of which one can be guilty is—hypocrisy. And this because God is Logic. There is no standard to which one can appeal, apart from God, apart from Logic.

  2. What evil is, is an existing contradiction. And what stress is, is a contradiction in the soul. To be free of evil and stress, free yourself from hypocrisy and contradiction.

  3. What the human body is, is a purification system. It separates toxins from vitamins. Likewise, what the mind does is separate contradiction from agreement, falsehood from truth, and hypocrisy from righteousness. That is its one and only function. It has no other.

  4. Western philosophy runs from Aristotle to Hegel; from the beginning of Logic to its conclusion. It reached its climax in 1831, the year Hegel died. Everything that follows Hegel’s departure has been a decline from that high point; a long journey down the mountain. Hegel was the last great Aristotelian.

  5. Who murdered God? Nietzsche and Russell. Nietzsche because he strove to contradict himself as much as possible. And Russell because he replaced judgment with mathematical logic, thus robbing the human being of his freedom. Agreement is truth. Truth is love. Judgment is freedom.

  6. The only solution to the death spiral that the West is in, is to teach traditional Aristotelian Logic in high schools and colleges, starting with those in our own cities. Why don’t we teach Logic anymore? Let us go and rectify this enormous error.

  7. What if Copernicus was wrong?1 The discussion since Einstein is increasingly undecidable. Something has gone wrong in our physics: a wide array of confusions issuing from a fundamental error in our theory of logic. What if Ptolemy’s model has the greatest explanatory power? What if the systems of Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler render the epicycle phenomenon anomalous? And what if the epicycle is the key to understanding the solar system’s self-organization? What then?

  1. Ptolemy’s model worked for fifteen hundred years. The Copernican models have fallen apart after just three hundred years. Now everyone is confused. What happened? What if we’ve made a colossal error? What then? What shall we tell everyone? What have we done?

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  1. There is new evidence for geocentrism: see, e.g., the 2014 film, The Principle.↩︎