What Is Happening

Published on September 5, 2021 at 2:54 PM by Little Dove

The Light of the World, William Holman Hunt

  1. When Mankind lost his faith in God, he developed an irrational fear of death: a thanatophobia. Bill Gates has discovered that this important historico-theological development can be exploited for personal gain. History is being made, and evil has triumphed on Earth. Bill Gates has bribed the CDC and the WHO. The world is coming under the sway of a megalomaniac. This is what is happening.

  2. As Mark Twain said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Much of our science has become a hodgepodge of misleading statistics and disorganized information. Hegel’s term for this irrational cognition is Auseinanderkeit or disunity. And unity is love. Statistics is therefore opposed to love. Love is going out of the world. This is what is happening.

  3. It cannot be overemphasized that statistics are not reasons. Judy Mikovits provides a λόγος (i.e. a reasoned account) of what is happening in her whistleblower interview. Maybe her account will turn out to be false (though I suspect everything she says therein is true). But at least she gave us a λόγος! Thinking, and especially judging, are therefore possible. Not so with respect to the mainstream media, which never provide any reasons for anything, no explanation as to why all this is happening. All they do is repeat the big scary numbers. And because we no longer teach logic in school (let alone Hegel’s divine Logic), few of us have the tools to transform this web of lies into the truth. These days, all news is fake news. This is what is happening.

  4. Hegel’s Science of Logic shows how it is possible that we judge and reason about the world; and he shows that we do not have to choose between religion and science, or what is effectively the same, between values and facts. Hegel’s Logic shows how reason can reconcile these diremptions. The decline of our civilization is caused by our refusal to allow the possibility of such reconciliations, i.e. refusal to love, which is to unite. Unless we love, we fall apart; and when we fall apart, we fall down as when one falls asleep. This is what is happening.

  5. Insanity (i.e. “mental unhealth”) is simply cognitive chaos. It is caused by the loss of religion (the neg-ation of re-ligion is called negligence) and the destruction of norms, purposes, and rituals. Perversions are caused by mimetic desire à la René Girard, with special emphasis on early childhood experiences. The more “tolerance” we have for such chaos and deviance, the more it proliferates. This is only another symptom of our decline. This is what is happening.

  6. What is called ‘climate change’ would more appropriately be called ‘ecocide’, following Işık Barış Fidaner. There is a widespread belief that “overpopulation” is the cause. This is a false belief. And it is a good example of what Wendy Brown has called ‘responsibilization’: the deflection of blame away from those in power, downward towards the individual. Blame falls on the individual human being. This is perhaps the greatest crime against humanity: the scapegoating of the human being as such. This is what is happening.

  7. Racism is a response to globalization and the loss of local culture and meaning. It is no more prevalent than any other form of prejudice or disaffiliation. People have a plethora of fears, and these fears manifest themselves in prejudice, which is scapegoating. It must be recognized that what is called “anti-racism” has become just another way of scapegoating the other. It is deeply misleading to reduce all prejudice to racism. The ruling class uses this narrative of “anti-racism” to divide and conquer the working class. This is what is happening.

  8. What is called feminism is grounded in the nihilistic dogma of liberal capitalism, the primary achievement of which has been the movement of women into the workforce. This is not true liberation. Liberalism functions by obscuring the true nature of sexual difference, which is to be dialectical and therefore to sublate itself. Love is unity. Man and woman are the two dirempt sides of the Concept of the Human Being. The absolute oblivion of this dialectico-speculative truth is causing widespread moral confusion and malaise. This is what is happening.

  9. Disease is the contradiction between the Body and its Concept. The modern “healthcare” industry is based on the denial of this truth—viz. that the Body contains its own Concept and therefore contains within itself the power of natural healing. Big Pharma came to be when John D. Rockefeller waged a ruthless campaign against natural medicine so that he could sell patented pills made from petroleum. He demonized the healing properties of living things, and sold us pills made from death itself. The mRNA “vaccine” is the ultimate denial of the healing power of the immanent Concept, and of the truth of what is called DNA, which is to be divine. Vaccines may cause autism in children by inducing an extended cell danger response, or because of the organomercury compound thimerosal which causes erethism. Big Pharma thinks it knows better than nature what is good for her, and therefore violently imposes its chaos and confusion on the Human Body, with devastating consequences. This is what is happening.

  10. Hegel’s Logic shows that the Concept is logically prior to Being, and that Being properly understood is the Concept. What this means is that the way things ought to be (i.e. “God’s plan” as it is said) precedes and determines the way things are, their Essence. For example, the Essence of the Organism is written in the Seed, in what is called DNA; but the true nature of this Essence (the Essence of the Essence) is to lift itself up (aufheben) out of itself and into the Actual Concept, the Divine Idea, which Christians call the Holy Spirit, the Essence’s true home. Modernity consists in the absolute oblivion of this aforementioned Concept, and therefore the absolute loss of that which lifts the Essence into the Holy Spirit. All of modern “science” is based on this colossal nihilating error. This is what is happening.