What Quantum Physics Is

Published on April 25, 2022 at 12:29 AM by Little Dove
The Dance of Shiva

What quantum physics is, is the investigation of the Nothing, i.e. Satan. That’s why there’s a statue of Shiva the Destroyer at CERN (see right-hand image). Because Satan is just the chaos down at the bottom. But this is not the truth of our world.

What the truth is, is the Holy Spirit. Everything true proceeds from the Holy Spirit. To deny the Holy Spirit is thus the most enormous contradiction possible. But this is just immaturity and empty-headedness (yea, modern Buddhism is nihilistic, and therefore false). It’s the neuroticism that takes empty Being as its idol, as Heidegger did (yea, Heidegger was a bit of a modern Buddhist).

And because there is nothing but Nothing down there, the quantum physicists end up projecting God and the Holy Spirit onto the Nothingness. This is how quantum physics becomes a massive paradox. To have one’s face in the dirt is to have one’s face in the Nothing. You need to look up and see who is coming.

I’d like to expand on the above post at some point. Until then, please enjoy this informative video about the dangers of Nothing: