Why Children Need Discipline

Published on April 23, 2022 at 12:53 PM by Little Dove

What discipline is—it’s the Concept. People are out of their minds. Saying you shouldn’t discipline kids. That’s nonsense. Discipline comes from disciple, which comes…

from a lost compound *discipere “to grasp intellectually, analyze thoroughly,” from dis- “apart” + capere “to take, take hold of,” from Proto-Indo-European root *kap- “to grasp.”

Lost. Damn straight it’s lost! It’s term logic, people. We’ve forgotten the Concept, the Soul. We’ve forgotten what thinking is. It’s the grasping that grasps you. It’s real. It’s all love and truth. It’s Atman and Brahman. We’ve completely forgotten about it. We’re asleep. We gotta wake up. We gotta teach term logic in schools again. Gotta show everyone why it’s a logical contradiction to deny the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ.